Member Reference Guide

Huntington Senior Citizens Golf Club (HSCGC) Rev. 020721


This Reference Guide summarizes the information needed by members to fully participate in the activities of the club.  Text shown in bold blue text are references to web pages where additional information is available on the club's web Site.

Definitions used in this guide

 GHIN - Golf Handicap and Information Network, run by USGA

Medal Play - a golf match where the winner is the team with the fewest number of strokes taken during the round.

Match Play - a golf match where the winner is the team with the highest number of holes won during the round.

Gross Score - actual number of strokes, including penalties

Net Score - Gross score minus the handicap strokes

Club Web Site

The club maintains a web site for its members, providing forms, weekly tee time listings, tournament schedules, descriptions and results, and detailed information on club activities and procedures. 

Club Season

The Club's active season follows the active season of the Metropolitan Golf Association (April 1 through November 14).


Two general membership meetings are held each year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Attendance at the meetings is strongly recommended and highly encouraged.  At the spring meeting, handouts are provided with members names and contact information as well as a schedule of weekly tournaments. At the fall meeting, a luncheon is followed by an awards ceremony where prizes are awarded. Note: During Covid-19, large indoor meetings are not permitted. The Club will develop workarounds to keep members informed.

Maintaining Membership Status

In order to maintain membership status, every golfer must:

- pay the yearly dues on time

- play & report a minimum of 7 rounds at Crab Meadow during the Club Season.

Reserved Tee Times 

The Club has a reserved block of tee times with the Crab Meadow Golf Course on Thursday mornings and assigns these tee times to members who have submitted tee time requests. The assigned tee times are posted on the bulletin board at Crab Meadow and on the web site. See Tee Time Reservation Process section below.


During the season, the club runs a tournament every week for the members as well as various Championship tournaments. Token money prizes are awarded at the end of the season for the weekly tournament's first, second and third place finishers.  If you are playing in a Tournament, you must play the round at Crab Meadow with at least one other member of the club. See Tournaments section below.

Handicaps and Score Reporting

The Club uses the USGA handicap system (GHIN) to provide handicaps for its members. You must report scores either at the course or online. Handicaps are provided for ladies for the Silver tees and for men, both White and Silver tees.  Men must be 80 years or older to use the Silver tees. See Handicap and Scorecard section below.

Pace of Play

All members are encouraged to read and follow the suggestions in Pace of Play Section below.

 Tee Time Reservation Process

To get a reserved tee time for the next week’s Thursday morning play, complete the form found on the Tee Time Request page on the Club's website a minimum of 10 days prior to the desired play date. Tee time assignments are prioritized by number of players in the group, so the best way to improve your chances of getting a tee time is to put in a request for a foursome.  You may sign up for 1 to 4 players. Indicate up to 3 choice preferences for tee time groups, i.e., early, mid, or late.


The Scheduler processes Tee Time Requests (TTRs) after noon on Monday and generates a Preliminary Schedule for the next week's Thursday play. The new schedule, which has assigned tee times and a Standby list, will be posted on the web site (Preliminary Tee Time Schedule) and on the bulletin board at Crab Meadow on Tuesday morning. When cancellations are received, members on the Standby list get priority.


Tee Time Request Changes -Once a schedule has been posted, ALL changes or modifications MUST be made via the Change Request Form found on the web site's Preliminary Tee Time Schedule page. Changes can be made up until 12:00 noon of the Monday before the play date.


On Monday evening of the play week, a Final Schedule is posted on the Website’s Final Tee Time Schedule page.  On Tuesday morning, this Final Schedule is posted on the Club’s Bulletin Board at Crab Meadow and delivered to the Pro Shop where all unassigned slots are relinquished for open golf. At this point, the only action that can be accommodated is a cancellation with the Pro Shop at Crab Meadow - (631)757-8800 Ext.11--Note:The Pro Shop has a requirement that cancellations must be received by 1:00PM of the day prior to play. Failure to comply may result in a penalty fee.


If you cannot play but have a confirmed replacement (must be a Club Member), you should not cancel. The replacement just has to show up on Thursday at the scheduled time.




Weekly Tournaments

The 27 weekly tournaments listed in the Tournament Schedule consist of 10 different events involving 1 to 4 players. Members may play the round any day within the period (Tuesday through Friday) defined in the schedule for that event, providing the following requirements are met:

      1) the round is played in the accompaniment of another member

       2) the minimum number of team members defined in the tournament description play the round together.

       3) you must sign up before playing by adding your name to the Signup sheet on the Bulletin Board at Crab Meadow

           Note: During Covid-19 you must signup by submitting a Signup form found on the Signup page of the club’s website.

       4) you must submit a valid tournament scorecard for each event being played. (see Handicaps and Scorecards section below)

       5) caddies are prohibited.


       1) A weekly tournament must have a minimum of 4 valid member/team entries to be considered a complete tournament eligible for prize distribution.

     2) A description and sample scorecard for each event may be found on the website under the Site Map tab.

     3) Weekly tournaments are open to all club members. The nine 18 Hole Medal /100% Handicap tournaments are separated into Men Only and Ladies Only competitions, with separate men's and ladies' prizes.


Club Championship Events

The Club Championship events listed in the Tournament Schedule include the President’s Cup, Club Doubles Championship, Club Championship (Men), Super Senior Championship, and Club Championship (Ladies).



Open to all members; Qualify Round – 18 Hole Medal, 100% Hcp; Tees- Men-W, (80+ years)-S; Ladies-S; Champ Rounds- Match Play, 100% Hcp, Tees- Men-W, (80+ years)-S; Ladies-S


Open to all members; Qualify Round and Champ Rounds- 2Ball-Best Ball 100% Hcp;Tees: Ladies and SuperSenior -S, Other Men-W.


Open to all Men; Qualify Round -18 Hole Medal, 0%Hcp, Tees- W;Champ Rounds- Match Play, 0% Hcp;Tees-W.

SUPER SENIOR CHAMP- Open to all 80 or older; Qualify Round-18 Hole Medal, 100%Hcp, Tees- S;Champ Rounds- Match Play, 100% Hcp;Tees-S.

CLUB CHAMP (Ladies)- Open to all ladies; Sign-up Required, No Qualify Round; Champ Rounds - Match Play, 100% Hcp, Tees- S


1) Member must sign up before playing, then play and submit a scorecard for one (1) qualifying round during the qualifying period defined in the Tournament schedule. Qualifying round is used to determine Championship Round participants and bracket seeding

2) Championship rounds are organized as a single elimination bracket format. Participants must play all rounds from the tees used in their qualifying round.

3) For all Championship Events, a minimum of 4 entrants is required for a tournament/flight to be held.



Rules for Championship Events

1) All Championship final matches, except for the Doubles Championship, will be played/observed in a group consisting of the two competitors, each of which will be accompanied during the round by one of the two "Officials" (Referee and Observer) selected by the Tournament Chairman.

2) Caddies are prohibited.

3) Spectators are considered "outside agencies" according to the Rules of Golf and may not provide assistance or advice to the competitors.

4) Brackets are determined and matches are scheduled by the tournament coordinator.

5) Brackets are posted on the bulletin board at Crab Meadow and on the web site.

6) All Championship matches are played using Match Play rules.  A participant in a Championship Match Play event cannot concurrently participate in a weekly medal play event.

7) Scorecards for Championship qualifying and tournament rounds must be marked with the name of the Championship Event, e.g. "SUPER SENIOR QUALIFYING ROUND" or "PRESIDENT’S CUP MATCH".



Handicaps and Scorecards

Scorecard Requirements

A valid scorecard must conform to the sample scorecard for that event, including:

- Name of tournament and event #

- Indicate male (M) or female (F)

- Surname of each player, with First Initial

- Current posted/adjusted handicap for the tees being played

- Indication (for Men only), if Silver Tees were used

- Signed by the member acting as the Scorer

- Attested to by a second member from the group that played the round

- Date Played

- Actual Gross score for each hole, for each player

Sample scorecard and description are posted on the bulletin board at Crab Meadow and on the website’s individual tournament signup sheet.

NOTE: During the Covid-19 pandemic, all scorecards must be submitted to the Tournament Coordinator by e-mailing a legible image of the completed, signed and witnessed scorecard.


Handicaps - General

The Huntington Senior Citizens Golf Club (“the Club”) participates in the USGA Handicap system (GHIN) through its affiliation with the Metropolitan Golf Association (MGA) and provides and posts updated handicaps for all members. Member Handicaps are posted twice a month on the website and on the Bulletin Board at Crab Meadow. The Club posted handicaps must be used for tournament competition.


Using the Handicap

During club handicap competitions, players enter their Adjusted Handicaps on the scorecard and then subtract handicap strokes from their gross scores to arrive at net scores. Higher handicap players subtract more strokes than lower handicap players, resulting in closer competition.


Calculating your Adjusted Handicap

The process of determining your Adjusted Handicap for an event consists of the following 2 steps:

Step 1 - determine your Posted Handicap for the tees being played (this is found on the Handicap Sheets posted on the Bulletin Board and on the web site). Note: the handicaps listed on the Handicap Sheets are usable as is- there is no maximum adjustment needed.

Step 2 - modify the Posted Handicap using the event Handicap Allowance, identified on the Tournament Schedule to the right of the tournament name.  (This number is the percentage of the Posted Handicap that is allowed for a given tournament There is a conversion chart on Bulletin Board and web site that converts values.


Reporting Scores - Event and Handicap

During a round, each player enters his/her Gross Score for every hole on the scorecard. The event is scored based on these scores. Submitting a valid scorecard reports your score for the event, but you still have to enter your score into the GHIN system for handicap purposes. Scores can be entered at the computer, in the Pro Shop at Crab Meadow or online at You are required to enter your scores by midnight of the day of play. Failure to comply with this can lead to penalty scores being applied to your record. During Covid-19 pandemic, there is no access to the Pro Shop computer, so scores will have to be entered using the website.


GHIN Reporting Guidelines

Each round reported to the GHIN system, must identify the following items: Date Played; Type- Home (Crab Meadow), Away,

or Competition (the only Club rounds considered Competition are those played to qualify or play in a Club Championship); Holes- 18 or 9; Course name/location; ESC score (see below).

Equitable Stroke Control

When entering your scores into the GHIN system you must adhere to a set of rules called Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) which provides a maximum allowable score on a hole based on your posted handicap. When reporting scores for handicap purposes, if there are any holes in which the score exceeds the (ESC) limit for your handicap, you must adjust your reported score to agree with the table value.


The maximum ESC value is calculated as net double bogey (ESC = Par + 2 + number of handicap strokes you would receive, based on your handicap). Max value for any hole is  Par +5 strokes.


The table of values shown to the right, is provided on the Crab Meadow Bulletin Board and on the website.

 b) Incomplete Round

 For rounds with 7 to 13 holes played post a nine-hole score and for rounds with 14 or more holes played, post an 18-hole score. The un-played holes should be scored with a net par which is:

                  Par plus the number of handicap strokes that are applied on the hole

                   Example: Unplayed hole:  Par= 4, Handicap Strokes Applied = 2

                                         Score entered is net par = 4+ 2= 6

What Scores must be reported

Members are required to report scores using Equitable Stroke Control for all rounds played on USGA rated courses when play is in-season at the course being played. The only exceptions are unaccompanied rounds and rounds not played in compliance with the rules of golf, e.g., alternate shot or scramble, etc. During our off-season, a member who plays golf in another area of the country where the Ghin system is active at the time, must report those scores.


Pace of Play

All groups should play the round in 4½ hours (avg.15 min/hole)or less. If the hole in front of you opens up, your group is playing too slowly and you must take steps to close the gap. Repeated infractions will result in notification from a Board Member and the imposition of penalties. Use methods below to stay on pace.

1- Play "ready golf" - During stroke play, including all weekly tournaments, when you arrive at your ball, prepare for and execute your shot (considering safety of others, of course). During match play, honors golf should be observed.

2- Plan your shot before you get to your ball. Determine your yardage and make your club selection before it is your turn to play.

3- Keep your pre/post shot routines short. Take only one practice swing, then set up to the ball and play your shot. Most importantly, be ready to hit when it is your turn. After hitting, start moving toward your next shot promptly.

4- Use Cart Buddy System - Don’t wait in the cart while your cart-mate hits and then drive to your ball. Get out and walk to your ball and be ready to play when it is your turn and then let your cart-mate pick you up. Or, drive to your ball after you drop your cart-mate off and then pick him or her up after you hit.

5- Arriving and leaving putting green - Position your clubs on the side of the green closest to your path to your cart and the next tee. Leave the green area promptly after holing out – record your scores when you arrive at the next tee.

6 - Putting – Continuous putting is recommended in all stroke play events. The “away” golfer should take the first putt and then continue to putt out, keeping in mind the lines of his fellow golfers' putts.

7 - Follow the flight of all shots, not just your own. Once in the fairway, help others look for their ball if you already know the location of yours. Volunteer to fill in a divot or rake a bunker for another player, if needed. Be ready to attend the flagstick for others.

8- Your correct position on the course is immediately behind the group in front of you.

Useful web sites


GHIN Site for reporting scores - 

USGA Rules -

USGA Handicap Site

USGA video rules web site -  with video explanations of frequently encountered rules of golf:

Uncompleted Holes and Incomplete Rounds

 a) Uncompleted Hole- If a player does not finish a hole or is conceded a stroke, record the most likely score for handicap purposes.

A most likely score is:

-        the number of strokes already taken, plus

-        the number of strokes the player would most likely require to complete the hole from the ball’s position, plus

-        the number of penalty strokes incurred during the play of the hole.

 Most likely scores should be determined on any hole according to the following guidelines