Club Championship Tournaments

The Club Championship tournaments listed in the Tournament Schedule include the President's Cup, Club Doubles Championship, Club Championship (Men), Super Senior Championship,  and Club Championship (Ladies).


Rules for Championship Events

1) All Championship final matches, except for the Doubles Championship, will be played/observed in a group consisting of the two competitors, each of which will be accompanied during the round by one of the two "Officials" (Referee and Observer) selected by the Tournament Chairman.

2) Caddies are prohibited.

3) Spectators are considered "outside agencies" according to the Rules of Golf, and may not provide assistance or advice to the competitors.

4) Brackets are determined and matches are scheduled by the tournament coordinator.

5) Brackets are posted on the bulletin board at Crab Meadow and on the web site.

6) Scheduled matches must be played by the scheduled date. If both contestants agree, a match may be played earlier than the scheduled date, in which case the players will be responsible for filling their scheduled tee times on Thursday.

7) All Championship matches are played using Match Play rules. A participant in a Championship Match Play event cannot submit a scorecard using the match play score for the club's weekly medal play event.

8) Scorecards for the Championship qualifying and tournament rounds must be marked with the name of the Championship Event, e.g.   "SUPER SENIOR QUALIFYING ROUND"  or "PRESIDENT'S CUP MATCH".