To sign-up for an event, click on the Signup link next to the highlighted event below.

You may signup from noon Monday thru noon Friday during the week of the Event

Event#   Dates                                     Description                                                                      
01           4/6-4/9                               18 Hole Medal / 100% __Signup
02           4/13-4/16                          #2 Ball Best Ball / 90% __Signup
03           4/20-4/23                          18 Hole Medal / 100% __Signup
03P        4/20-4/23                           Presidents Cup Qualifier-(Medal) / 100%__Signup
04           4/27-4/30                           #A-B-C-D /100%__Signup
04P        4/27-4/30                           Presidents Cup Qualifier-(Medal) / 100%__Signup
05           5/4-5/7                                 #2 Ball Best Ball / 90%__Signup
05P        5/4-5/7                                 Presidents Cup Qualifier-(Medal) / 100%__Signup
06           5/11-5/14                           #Odd Even /100%__Signup
07           5/18-5/21                           #2 Ball Best Ball / 90%__Signup
08           5/25-5/28                           2Ball Total Score / 100%__Signup
09            6/1-6/4                                 #Best 2 of 4 / 90%__Signup
10            6/8-6/11                              #2 Ball Best Ball / 90%__Signup
11            6/15-6/18                           #4 Ball Best Ball / 80%__Signup
11D        6/15-6/18                           Club Dbls Qualifier Medal/ 100%__Signup
12            6/22-6/25                           18 Hole Medal / 100%__Signup
12D        6/22-6/25                            Club Dbls Qualifier Medal/ 100%__Signup
13            6/29-7/2                               4Ball Low Net / 100%__Signup
13D        6/29-7/2                               Club Dbls Qualifier Medal/ 100%__Signup
14            7/6-7/9                                  #A-B-C-D /100%__Signup
15            7/13-7/16                            18 Hole Medal / 100%__Signup

15L         7/13-7/16                             Club Champ (Ladies)Signup__Signup

15M      7/13-7/16                             Club Champ (Men) Qualifier Medal/ 0%__Signup
15S        7/13-7/16                             SuperSenior Qualifier Medal/100%__Signup
16           7/20-7/23                            #Odd Even Medal Play/100%__Signup

16L        7/20-7/23                             Club Champ (Ladies)__Signup

16M      7/20-7/23                             Club Champ (Men) Qualifier Medal/ 0%__Signup
16S        7/20-7/23                             SuperSenior Qualifier Medal/100%__Signup
17           7/27-7/30                             #2 Ball Best Ball / 90%__Signup

17L        7/27-7/30                             Club Champ (Ladies)__Signup

17M      7/27-7/30                             Club Champ (Men) Qualifier Medal/ 0%__Signup

17S        7/27-7/30                             SuperSenior Qualifier Medal/100%__Signup
18           8/3-8/6                                   #Best 2 of 4 / 90%__Signup

18L        8/3-8/6                                   Club Champ (Ladies)__Signup

18M      8/3-8/6                                   Club Champ (Men) Qualifier Medal/ 0%__Signup

18S        8/3-8/6                                   SuperSenior Qualifier Medal/100%__Signup
19           8/10-8/13                             #2 Ball Best Ball / 90%__Signup
20           8/17-8/20                             18 Hole Medal / 100% __Signup
21           8/24-8/27                             #1-2-3- Fourball Medal/100%__Signup
22           8/31-9/3                                18 Hole Medal / 100% __Signup
23           9/7-9/10                                4 Ball Low Net Medal/100%__Signup
24           9/14-9/17                             #4 Ball Best Ball / 80%__Signup
25           9/21-9/24                             #Odd Even /100%__Signup
26          9/28-10/1                               2 Ball Total Score/ 100%__Signup
27        10/5-10/8                                 18 Hole Medal / 100%__Signup


Tournament Descriptions and Sample Scorecards

Click on a link below to see the desired Description and Sample Scorecard

Weekly Events                           

18 Hole Medal   2Ball-Best Ball Medal  Odd-Even 2Ball Total Score   A-B-C-D Medal  4Ball Best Ball Medal  4Ball Low Net   Best 2 of 4 Medal  1-2-3 Four Ball  Sixes

Club Championships                                   

President's Cup Qualifier          President Cup Match    Club Doubllifiees Q ual        Club Doubles Match Play     Super Senior Qualifier               Super Senior Match Play

Club Champ - Men Qualifier       Club Champ - Men Match Play      Club Champ - Ladies Match Play

Online Tournament Signup & Scorecard Submission


Prior to Covid, tournament signup was accomplished by writing your name on a paper list on the bulletin board at Crab Meadow. The club implemented an online signup system to eliminate risks associated with indoor congregation and handling of common paper and pencil elements. Scorecard submission has been changed to sending scorecard image by email to the tournament coordinator.


1)     You must sign up PRIOR to playing the round. You must sign up for a particular day, i.e., Tuesday through Friday, corresponding to the dates shown on the Signup form.

2)     If playing a team event, all members must be signed up. There is no requirement for the team to sign up as a team, but the team must play the round together and use/submit a single signed & witnessed scorecard for the round.

3)     If you sign up and are unable to play on the day you signed up for some reason, you may submit another Signup form. The most recently received Signup form will be considered the active one.

4)     A list of received Signup forms will be posted on the website’s Tournament Participant web page. We will attempt to maintain a daily update during the golf week, but this is not guaranteed.

5)     After playing the round, review the scorecard to assure that it conforms to the format shown on the sample scorecard for the event. Photograph or scan the scorecard and email it to the tournament coordinator listed on the Tournament Schedule.

6)     For championship event qualification rounds, only one scorecard submission is allowed, that being the first one.