Huntington Seniors Golf Club

Bulletin Board


Huntington Senior Citizens Golf Club

General Membership Meeting &

Awards Luncheon

Monday, October 22, 2018 12:00 PM

Laurel Avenue School, Northport


Nominations/voting for Board of Directors will take place at meeting.

Dues for 2019 are $60 per member, due by 1/15/2019. Payment may be made at the luncheon.

Final Tournament Results

End of the 2018 Season 

Reserved Tee Times - Thursday, October 18th will be the final date for reserved tee times for the Huntington Senior Citizens Golf Club in 2018.  See you next year!

Handicaps - November 15 is the official end of the golf season for the Metropolitan Golf Association. Rounds played in MGA member courses cannot be reported to the GHIN system. Rounds played in other areas of the country that have extended seasons should be reported to GHIN.

Final Handicap Report - the final Handicap Report of the 2018 season will be published on November 15.

Club Championship Tournaments Update

President's Cup -  Tony D'Acunti defeated Ed McGovern 6&4 to win the President's Cup Championship.  The final bracket can be found on President's Cup Bracket web page.


Club Championship (Ladies) - Linda Finnerty defeated Pil Kang 2 & 1 to win the Ladies Championship. Bracket can be found on Ladies Championship Bracket web page.


Doubles Championship -  Pil Kang and Wha-Ja Kim defeated Al Mott & Tony D'Acunti 1 up to win the Doubles Championship. Tournament Bracket can be found on Club Doubles Bracket web page.


Club Championship (Men) -  Dave Schram defeated Ove Dyling 2&1 for the Championship on 9/20.  Bracket can be found on Men's Championship Bracket web page.


Super Senior Championship -Al Mott won the Super Senior Championship by default on 9/20.  Bracket can be found on Super Senior Championship Bracket web page.


Pace of Play

Pace of Play - all members are requested to read and follow the suggestions found in the Pace of Play web page.


Links to USGA Sites

GHIN Site for reporting scores - 

USGA Handicap Manual Site -

USGA Rules -

2019 Major Rules Changes

Frequently Encountered Rules Explained

The USGA has a web site,  with video explanations of the following rules of golf:

Play the course as you find it     Abnormal Ground Conditions     Ball Lost or Out of Bounds     Ball Unplayable

Flagstick                                     Loose Impediments                    Immovable Obstructions        Movable Obstructions

Nearest Point of Relief                Provisional Ball                         Water Hazards

Crab Meadow Course Notices-


Feedback and Questions

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