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Club Championship Tournaments

President's Cup

 2nd round completed- third round scheduled for  6/22. The tournament bracket is available on the

President's Cup Bracket web page.

Club Doubles Championship

Qualification rounds started week of 6/13- 6/16 and continue until 7/7. In order to qualify, a team must sign up to play on the sign-up sheet, play the qualifying round on that day and submit the qualifying scorecard. See Tournament Guidelines for details. A Qualifying Round scorecard must be a 2 Ball Best Ball, 100% Handicap for one team (2 players), marked as a Doubles Qualifying scorecard, dated and signed/attested. Qualifying round scorecards will be evaluated to determine tournament participants and seeding.

Welcome Our New Members


Lee Delia is looking for a partner for the doubles competition. Call his cell: 631 806 9824.

Pace of Play

Pace of Play - all members are requested to read and follow the suggestions found in the Pace of Play web page.


Links to USGA Sites

GHIN Site for reporting scores - 

USGA Handicap Manual Site -

USGA Rules -

Frequently Encountered Rules Explained

The USGA has a web site,  with video explanations of the following rules of golf:

Play the course as you find it     Abnormal Ground Conditions     Ball Lost or Out of Bounds     Ball Unplayable

Flagstick                                     Loose Impediments                    Immovable Obstructions        Movable Obstructions

Nearest Point of Relief                Provisional Ball                         Water Hazards

Crab Meadow Course Notices-


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