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New Carts at Crab Meadow

Mike DePirro spoke with Steve Dietz today (4/27) about the new carts and their capabilities. Steve and Mike Gaffney are aware of the glitches that have been frustrating us around the course. They are working on tweaking the “no fly zones”, for example, they are aware of the eleventh hole, where you try to stay on the cart path to the left of the fairway and the GPS says NO, NO, NO. It will take a couple of weeks. So, please, don’t take your frustrations out on the machinery. If you must vent, see Mike DePirro in his office (corner seat of the bar at Crab Meadow) on Thursday or fill out the Feedback Form at the bottom of this web page and your comments will be forwarded to the appropriate persons who can actually do something to correct the issue.

Weekly Tournament Results

Club Championship Tournaments

President's Cup

Qualifying rounds started this week (4/25-4/28) and continue for 2 more weeks (5/2-5/5 and 5/9-5/12). This full handicap tournament is open to all members. See the Tournament Guidelines page for participation information. You must sign-up on the President's Cup sign-up sheet on the Bulletin Board at the clubhouse prior to playing, play the qualifying round accompanied by another member, submit a signed/attested scorecard marked President's Cup Qualifying Round and enter your score on the sign-up sheet when you complete the round. If you are participating in a weekly tournament at the same time as qualifying, you must submit separate scorecards for each. Only one score may be submitted and you must play the round and submit your score on the day you sign-up to play.

Welcome Our New Members

Gurbachan Bindra      (631) 648-3825         Cindy Mies              (631) 651-8584
Victoria Field               (631) 757-8507         William Naughton   (631) 271-9729
John Grosskurth          (631) 757-1818         Len Ruggi               (631) 470-1711
Patricia Grosskurth      (631) 757-1818         Robert Sapir           (631) 499-2410
Larry Haber                 (631) 470-4683          Marty Schmidt        (631) 368-7611
Paul Hessel                 (631) 261-5432          William Sellerberg  (631) 757-5439
Ron Maday                 (631) 423-4277            Ray Sipel                (631) 848-6999
John McQuillan            (631) 374-6041


Lee Delia is looking for a partner for the doubles competition. Call his cell: 631 806 9824.

Pace of Play

Pace of Play - all members are requested to read and follow the suggestions found in the Pace of Play web page.


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Frequently Encountered Rules Explained

The USGA has a web site,  with video explanations of the following rules of golf:

Play the course as you find it     Abnormal Ground Conditions     Ball Lost or Out of Bounds     Ball Unplayable

Flagstick                                     Loose Impediments                    Immovable Obstructions        Movable Obstructions

Nearest Point of Relief                Provisional Ball                         Water Hazards

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