Huntington Seniors Golf Club

Tee Time Reservations

Each Tuesday the club publishes 2 schedules. Click on the appropriate link to view the desired schedule.

Final Tee Time Schedule for that Thursday's competition

Preliminary Tee Time Schedule for the next week's competition.  


Tee Time Reservation Process

In order to get a reserved tee time on Thursday mornings, a member must submit a Tee Time Request card as described below.

At the HSGC Bulletin Board, just outside the Pro Shop at Crab Meadow, complete a Request Card (found in Box 1) by Monday morning for the following week’s Thursday play and put the completed Request Card into Box 2. You may sign up for 1 to 4 players. Indicate up to 3 choice preferences for tee times, i.e., 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, in the Pref column next to the desired Time Slots.

                         Refer to theTee Time Reservation Process Timeline below. 


The Scheduler will pick the cards up on Monday morning and generate a Preliminary Schedule for the next week'sThursday play. Requests are processed using a random method after applying preferences for foursomes, those competing in club championships, and those who contribute materially to the operation of the club, not necessarily in that order. The new schedule, which has assigned tee times and a standby list, will be posted on the web site (PreliminaryTee Time Schedule) and on the bulletin board at Crab Meadow by Thursday morning.

Generally, we receive requests for more tee times than the club has available, so the best way to improve your chances of getting a tee time is to put in a request for a foursome. When cancellations are received, members on the Standby list get prioriity.

Once the schedule is posted, ALL changes or modifications MUST be made through the Facilitators (see below) or via the Change Request Form on the web site's PreliminaryTee Time Schedule page. A facilitator change request must be confirmed by actual conversation or confirming e-mail from the facilitator.

Changes can be made via the facilitators up until 7:00P.M. of the Monday night before the play date, but bear in mind, that Monday evening changes need personal contact and confirmation by phone or e-mail.

On Monday evening of the play week, at 7:00PM, the schedule is faxed to the golf course and all unassigned slots are relinquished for open golf. At this point, the only action that can be accommodated is a cancellation with the Pro Shop at Crab Meadow .

If you cannot play, but have a confirmed replacement (must be a Club Member), you should not cancel. The replacement just has to show up on Thursday at the scheduled time.

Crab Meadow Pro Shop - (631)757-8800 Ext.11


Ken Foret          (631)757-0428

Scott Bearce     (631)424-9852

Dennis Gallagher (631)757-3091