Huntington Seniors Golf Club

Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

The purpose of this Quick Start Guide is to summarize the information needed by members to fully participate in the activities of the club.  Hyperlinks are provided where additional information is available on the Club Web Site.


The Huntington Senior Citizens Golf Club at Crab Meadow (HSCGC) provides social and golfing contact among its members, promotes a tournament program for its members and provides a U.S. Golf Association approved handicap system, used for the tournament program.

Club Season

The Club's active season follows the active season of the Metropolitan Golf Association (April 1 though November 14).


Two general membership meetings are held each year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Attendance at the meetings is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED AND HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. At the spring meeting, handouts are provided with members names and contact information as well as a schedule of weekly tournaments. At the fall meeting, a luncheon is followed by an awards ceremony where prizes are awarded including trophies for the Club Championships, token money prizes for weekly tournaments and announcement of most improved golfers.

Maintaining Membership Status

In order to maintain membership status, every golfer must:

            - pay the yearly dues on time

            - play & report a minimum of 7 rounds at Crab Meadow during the Club Season.

Club Web Site

The club maintains a web site for its members providing weekly tee time listings, tournament schedules, descriptions and results, and detailed information on club activities and procedures. The web site address is: http:/

Reserved Tee Times click on this link to go to Tee Time Reservations page

The Club has a reserved block of tee times with the Crab Meadow Golf Course on Thursday mornings and assigns these tee times to members who have submitted tee time requests. The assigned tee times are posted on the bulletin board at Crab Meadow and on the web site.

Tournaments click on this link to go to Tournaments page

During the season, the club runs a tournament every week for the members as well as various Championship tournaments. Token money prizes are awarded at the end of the season for the weekly tournament first, second and third place finishers. If you are playing in a Tournament, you must play the round at Crab Meadow with at least one other member of the club.

 Handicaps and Score Reporting  click on this link to go to Handicap Process page

The Club is affiliated with the Metropolitan Golf Association and maintains a Handicap Program for the members. You must report scores either at the course or online. Handicaps are provided for ladies for the Silver tees and for men, both White and Silver tees.  Men must be 80 years or older to use the Silver tees. For detailed information on handicaps procedures and score reporting, see the Handicap Process web page.

Pace of Play

It is important for everyone's enjoyment, that every group of golfers keeps up with the group in front of them. Follow the guidelines shown on the Pace of Play web page to help insure that we all keep moving.